First Ladies offers expertise in every step of the production process. From concept development and script writing through to filming, editing, DVD creation and online publishing.

For bigger jobs, First Ladies partners with a team of local film professionals — narrators, sound designers, graphic artists, onscreen talent — in order to get optimal results for your project.

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Our Testimonials

“Colleen’s level of professionalism, communication, delivery of tutorials and advice and willingness to go beyond what was expected and commissioned was highly impressive and greatly appreciated by the PRG and our community. The resulting film is a stirring snapshot of our environment during the autumn and winter months accompanied by an original soundtrack that Colleen commissioned and overlaid. Colleen’s approachable manner, personal integrity and professional knowledge ensured the process was not only smooth but also very enjoyable with many of the participants learning valuable skills in relation to taking film footage and using digital time lapse applications. The film was viewed by an equally impressed and moved audience on a balmy summer evening in January 2015. ”
Testimonial: Christine Norton, Peterborough Residents Group
“ The film was very successful and launched in Tokyo. The intended purpose has been achieved in that it says and shows many things in a very short time. I think its perfect for an introduction of myself and my work...I was very satisfied with Colleen's attention to getting it right and the finished product exceeded my expectations. It was also an enjoyable experience to work with her. The service was great, on time every time and no wasting time. Colleen was able to work to a deadline for a specific client and still be creative too. I like the modern edge it had to the editing and the clever things she did like inserting photos of coast line. I think the best thing I liked is that that it looks professional, like it was made by someone who cares and thinks carefully about constructing a film. - David Higgins (Artist)”
Artist: Dave Higgins
“We were very happy with the result. As an orientation video it clearly provides the necessary information that we had wanted to provide. The part of the service I appreciated the most was Colleen’s reliability. She turned up when she said she would, and had things completed in the time-frame she had agreed to. [She was] very easy to communicate and work with. I would not hesitate to use her services again or recommend them to anyone else. – Meg Cooney (Emergency Physician, Emergency Department, Warrnambool Base Hospital)  ”
Warrnambool Base Hospital
“Communicating to parents and the wider community is something that all schools work very hard to achieve, especially to a level where parents can easily articulate what is happening in the day to day running of the school. Involving First Ladies in developing the narrative of Warrnambool Primary and to help us tell the story of our new Strategic Plan has helped us enormously in making that become a reality. Colleen’s work exceeded our expectations. She has a knack of accurately depicting our values and bringing out the best in our students. Her work certainly speaks for itself. -Dean Clements  Ass. Principal Warrnambool Primary  ”
Warrnambool P.S
“Working with Colleen was a pleasure due to her dedication, friendliness, enthusiasm and PATIENCE.  Her expertise and knowledge in film making are a fantastic resource for a little town like Warrnambool.  The film is more professional than we could have imagined and left our young people feeling very proud and valued.  Colleen was able to capture the spirit of the Foyer beautifully and watching the end result with our staff team certainly left a few of us with lumps in our throats. - Chrissie Duncan Foyer Warrnambool Senior Case Worker ”
The Foyer

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