Video Director and Producer

@ "Be Inspired" Exhibition, Port Fairy

Colleen Hughson at “Be Inspired” Exhibition, Port Fairy PHOTO: Vicky Hughson

Colleen Hughson runs First Ladies Productions, a video and digital media production company based in Warrnambool.

“I love the craft of filmmaking and love to practice it as often, and in as many ways as possible. Hence, the eclectic bunch of videos and projects you’ll find on this website. In fact, when I’m not ‘working’ on a paid video project, I’ll often be ‘playing’ on one of my own, just for fun.”

I have a love for film-making and storytelling. What drives my film-making is the challenge and fun of creating unique and inspiring stories. I am interested in stories that have a positive impact on the community; stories that inspire change, stories that break down stereotypes, stories that celebrate life and stories that give a voice to the under-represented.

I have made films about artists, musicians, sports people, people with disabilities, women who break the mold, indigenous people and people with an inspiring life story.

Coming from a culmination of different working experiences, such as multi-platform content producer (ABC Open), film festival coordinator (Bayside Youth Documentary Film Festival), A/V Technician (Xavier College), Media Teacher (Sandringham College) and documentary filmmaker, has led me to become a ‘Jill of all trades’. I write, produce, direct, film, edit and publish short video productions and online content.

Yooralla Media Awards 2012 in Canberra (Photo: ABC Open)
My award winning documentaries have been screened at film festivals both nationally and internationally and I have had my work broadcast on national and international television.

In 2013, I resumed freelance film-making after 2 1/2 years spent working as an ABC Open Producer in South West Victoria. While working at the ABC, I engaged my community in digital storytelling and coordinated a whole range of creative digital projects. In 2012, I received the National Yooralla Online Media Award for producing Harvey Shares the Stoke.
Previous to working as an ABC Open Producer, my roles have included coordinator for the Bayside Film Festival Youth Documentary Project, Digital Storytelling Teacher, Media Teacher, Artists in Schools funding recipient and documentary filmmaker.

Why ‘First Ladies’?

The name First Ladies came about when I was living and working in Melbourne (2005). At the time, I was making films with women and about women. Films such as, Chicks with Decks: a women in skateboarding documentary, AKA: Girl Skater: Features the world’s most talented female skateboarders and All The Ladies: a women in Hip Hop Documentary. The name has since stuck.