Gundij Mirring Logos

  • Hampden Special School
  • Merrivale School Warrnambool Primary School
  • Colac Shire Council
  • Coastcare Victoria
  • SoundsWrite
  • The Splash Factory
  • Port Fairy Folk Festival
  • Portland Mental Health Service
  • Heytesbury District Landcare Network
  • Aboriginal Community Health – South West Healthcare
  • Bethany
  • Warrnambool Base Hospital
  • Brophy Family and Youth Services
  • Warrnambool City Council
  • South West TAFE
  • Timboon P-12 School
  • WAVE Community School
  • Victorian Responsible Gambling Association
  • Southwest PCP
  • Glenelg Hopkins CMA
  • Corangamite CMA
  • Corangamite Shire Council
  • Gunditj Mirring
  • Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative
  • Moyne Shire Council
  • Bayside City Council Maternal Child Health
  • ABC News 24
  • South West Sports Assembly
  • Victorian State Department of Planning and Community Development
  • RMIT University
  • Architects Without Frontiers
  • Bayside Council
  • Dairy Australia
  • Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism
  • Department of Transport
  • The I Can Network

Client Video Projects

(To view more of our video projects please check out our Video Portfolio)


  • Eastern Barred Bandicoot Video Series. Learn about how the Eastern Barred Bandicoot is being protected with this series of educational videos. Funded through the Glenelg Hopkins CMA and DELWP.
  • Kurtonitj IPA Cultural Burn. Gunditjmara Traditional Owners conducted a cultural burn on the Kurtonitj IPA in late May 2020. The burn, an annual autumn practice of the Traditional Owners, was a collaboration between the Gunditjmara people, Forest Fire Management Victoria, Glenelg Hopkins CMA and the CFA. The cultural burn helped pass on skills between generations, and brought together a number of organisations to deliver positive cultural and environmental outcomes. Partners; Gunditj Mirring,, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning DELWP, BarwonSouthWest CFA (Country Fire Authority), Budj Bim Tours and the National Landcare Program.
  • Twinning Program funded through Waterway Management Twinning program, Australian River Restoration Centre, GHCMA and DELWP.
  • Jayson Lambs’ Splash Factory social media promotional video series.

In 2020, due to a worldwide pandemic, many award ceremonies, concerts and openings went virtual. First Ladies Productions was there to capture these events in flexible and meaningful ways.

  • The Warrnambool Council and Moyne Shire Youth Awards Youth Showcase. The newly established Youth Showcase was moved online, with the talents of young local musicians, artists, filmmakers and entrepreneurs captured in video packages produced by Colleen Hughson of First Ladies Productions. These packages, along with other videos posted on Facebook and Instagram in the weeks leading up to the awards ceremony have attracted a cumulative 40,000 views. The 2020 Warrnambool and Moyne Youth Awards are proudly presented by the Warrnambool City Youth Council, the Moyne Shire Youth Council, the Rotary Club of Warrnambool, Warrnambool Blue Light, the Gwen and Edna Jones Foundation, Freeza Victoria and COAST FM.
  • Summer By the Sea ‘Intertidal Treasures’ online rockpool ramble. Funded by Cosatcare Victoria, DELWP and Habitat Connection.
  • The Virtual Opening of the Portland Community Health Service. Due to COVID-19 Restrictions, a virtual opening was planned for the new Portland Mental Health Service Building. Welcome to country by Gunditjmara Traditional Owner, Christopher Saunders. Video includes speeches from Hon James Merlino, Minister for Mental Health, Southwest Healthcare CEO Craig Fraser and Board chair Bill Brown. Interviews with Mental Health Team workers and building Architects. Funded via the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund.
  • Celebrating Women on Farms. Through the Our Catchments, Our Communities program funded through the Victorian Government, the Glenelg Hopkins CMA wanted to celebrate the amazing contribution women give to their community and to regional land-management.
  • Colac Otway Youth Awards (2020) Virtual event. Edited together footage uploaded by young people.
  • Warrnambool Primary School Grade Six Graduation and Final Assembly Virtual Ceremonies.


  • Building fish hotels for the native inhabitants of the Merri River. Funded through the Victorian Government’s Recreational Fishing Grants Progam, and supported by the Glenelg Hopkins CMA, OzFish SW Victoria Chapter and Riverland Estate. These flatpacks were installed into the river at Cassady’s Bridge, Warrnambool, for the benefit of native fish who use the ‘hotels’ as resting and feeding places.
  • Why would you burn a wetland? Find out in this video about the burning of the Phragmites Reed Bed at the Tyrendarra Indigenous Protected Area. Funded by CFA (Country Fire Authority), Forest Fire Management Victoria, BirdLife Australia, Landcare Australia, National Landcare Program, Landcare Victoria and Glenelg Hopkins CMA.
  • Making the Merri magical with many hands Funded by Warrnambool City Council, Landcare Victoria, Warrnambool Coastcare Landcare Network, OzFish Unlimited, OzFish SW Victoria Chapter and Glenelg Hopkins CMA. The community tree planting day on the Merri River.
  • ConnectU Community Transport service Funded by The Department of Transport. The Flexible Local Transport Solutions Program aims to support flexible, tailored transport services or trials in regional Victoria.
  • DNA sampling with the Buds Bim Rangers. Funded by the Glenelg Hopkins CMA.  Check out how DNA is helping find the elusive platypus in the Glenelg River.
  • Go Vita Warrnambool social media videos. It’s our Birthday month at Go Vita Warrnambool and to celebrate Colleen Hughson from First Ladies Productions has created a series of mini clips to showcase our amazing journey over the last 10 years.
  • Wetland Restoration Funded by Glenelg Hopkins CMA, proudly working alongside Nature Glenelg Trust. Vast wetland areas of the Wannon floodplain in Victoria are being restored to support native plants, waterbirds and other animals. Learn more about Walker, Gooseneck and Brady Swamps and the efforts to restore these important habitats.


  • Native Grasslands TV Advert. Funded by Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning National Landcare. Grasslands are vital to maintaining a healthy environment.
  • Budj Bim Connections Project. Funded Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and Conservation Volunteers Australia. Glenelg Hopkins CMA partners with interested land managers, community groups and agencies to deliver on-ground actions to improve the environmental and social values of the Tyrendarra Streamside Reserve.
  • Walktober Funded by Corangamite Shire Council, VicHealth and The Heart of Coranagamite. Filmed at Timboon P-12 School.
  • I Can South West Camp 2018. Funded by The I Can Network Camp and Tru Blu Dogwash.I CAN South West is the regional network of the I CAN Network – Australia’s first social enterprise founded by people on the Autism Spectrum.
  • Regional resilience from transgender teenager filmed for News 24. ABC reporter Daniel Miles filed this report.


  • Corangamite Shire Walk to School program. Funded by Corangamite Shire Council and VicHealth.In 2017, more than 1500 kids across Corangamite Shire took part in the VicHealth Walk to School program in October.
  • Don’t Crop the Bog. Funded by Wetland Defence, DELWP and Glenelg Hopkins CMA. Victoria has tens of thousands of wetlands, swamps, bogs and lakes. They are home to many native birds, frogs and other animals. Shallow wetlands are being converted to cropping at a rapid rate, in some places over 40% of wetlands are impacted. Ecologist, wetland botanist and farmer Michelle Casanova explains why wetlands are valuable and how cropping them results in irreversible loss of unique plants and animals.
  • Conservation and Carbon Capture Project: Neil Longmore. Funded by Corangamite CMA and the Australian Government.Conservation and Carbon Capture Project is a conservation incentive program funded through the Australian Government and coordinated by the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority. The program supports private land managers to undertake works which are above and beyond their current duty of care.
  • Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism Conference (2017). Funded by GORRT.Highlights from the GORRT Marketing conference.
  • Orange-bellied Parrots mainland release. Funded by DELWP. DELWP, Zoos Victoria, Melbourne Water, Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park, Parks Victoria and the Tasmanian Government are partnering to deliver a Mainland Release Trial Program in Victoria for the Orange-bellied Parrot.


  • Worked as a Multiplatform Producer for ABC South West Victoria ( 3 month fill in position)
  • Content creation and Brand Manager for Tru Blu Dog Wash. International Dog Wash manufacturer (part-time position)
  • Warrnambool Primary School promo video. Funded by Warrnambool Primary School. Part of Warrnambool Primary School’s updated strategic plan is to create a clear and efficient way for conveying its goals and vision.
  • Eastern Barred Bandicoots return to Hamilton. Funded by DELWP. Once common across Victoria’s volcanic plains and grasslands, the Eastern Barred Bandicoot mainland species is now one of Australia’s most endangered species and is considered extinct in the wild. Their survival now depends entirely on captive breeding programs and secure, healthy, predator-free habitat.
  • Who’s in Charge? Community Service Videos videos. Funded by Kulcha Shift Warrnambool and Brophy Family and Youth Services. The ‘Who’s in Charge?’ program aims to support parents and carers of young people who are out of control, violent or defiant.


  • DELWP Koala Welfare Assessment Videos in Cape Otways. Filmed and edited for DELWP in September, 2015 and May 2016. Victorian Government vets and wildlife officers have returned to Cape Otway to carry out welfare actions to manage and protect the local koala population.
  • Legendairy: Peterborough Video The search for Australia’s ‘Legendairy’ capital. Peterborough was one of the finalists for the Legendairy Awards, part of Dairy Australia’s inaugural search for Australia’s LEGENDAIRY Capital which celebrates Australia’s vibrant regional communities. This video was created for the Legendairy Awards ceremony.
  • Inside The Foyer Funded by Brophy Family and Youth Services and Warrnambool City Council.
  • South West TAFE Graduation and Awards Ceremony Videos. Creation of short profile videos of student award winners screened at the South West TAFE Awards Ceremony (2015). To watch more head to Watch here
  • VACCHO ‘Work in Aboriginal Health in Victoria: GP Training’. GP Registrars who work in Aboriginal Health Training posts in Victoria share their experiences. GP Registrars from around the state from Lakes Entrance to Echuca, Bendigo to Heywood spoke of how working within the Aboriginal model of health has made a difference to them professionally and personally – while they have made a difference to the health of their Aboriginal patients.


  • SSAFE in the South West (Brophy Family & Youth Services in Warrnambool), The SSAFE project provides information, training, support and resources to students and staff at local schools to assist schools to be positive environments for GLBTIQ students.
  • Glenelg CMA Riverprize Awards Video (filmed) The Glenelg River Restoration Project won the Australian Riverprize in 2013. One year later it was a finalist in the International Riverprize. This video was prepared for the International Riverprize awards presentation.


  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for Kuyang Maar: Online Fishing with your Mob: a 20 min project on the importance of indigenous communities coming together celebrating culture (funded by Victorian Responsible Gambling Association, Southwest Healthcare, Bethany, Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative, Kirrae Health Service, Gamblers Helpline, Southwest PCP, Closing The Gap Program)
  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for Gunditj Mirring Partnership Project: a 14 min about the importance of the Indigenous Ecological Review (funded by Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Caring for our country, Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Cooperative)
  • Director, producer and editor for Port Fairy LivCom: a celebrating the people and the town of Port Fairy (funded by Moyne Shire)


  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for Healthy Active South West is a 15 min video project (funded by South West Healthcare)
  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for Playtime Buddies’ a 15 min video project on the benefits of a playgroup for disadvantaged families (funded by the Bayside City Council Maternal Child and Health and Being Active, Eating Well)


  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for Sports 4 All’ a 14 min video project on inclusive sports programs (The South West Sports Assembly and Victorian State Department of Planning and Community Development)
  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for Rural Women in a Changing Climate: BSW Case Study’ a 6 min video project presented at the 2009 Statewide Women and Climate Change Forum (Victorian State Department of Planning and Community Development: Women, Drought and Climate Change)


  • Digital Filmmaker for Port Fairy community film project ‘a little more conversation, a little less action’ an initiative of Port Fairy Film Society and Moyneyana House. In this short documentary, some of the elderly residents of Moyneyana House tell their life stories (funded by Regional Arts Victoria and Moyne Shire)


  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for ‘Building The Community: Hoi An, Vietnam a 16 min video on a group of Melbourne RMIT architecture students who travel to Vietnam to create the blueprints for transitional housing for disadvantaged youths (funded by RMIT & Architects Without Frontiers.)
  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for ‘SCOPE Young Ambassadors’ a 7 min video project on a program that educates primary school aged children about ‘seeing the person not the disability’ (A partnership between SCOPE, Bayside & Port Phillip MetroAccess.)


  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for “Working Together towards building Inclusive Communities” DVD an initiative of Bayside City Council MetroAcess and the Department of Human Services Southern Metropolitan Region.


  • Freelance Digital Filmmaker for various video segments for CSIRO Publishing streamed on the CSIRO website, and broadcast on Totally Wild Channel Seven & ABC News