Orientation Videos

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Orientation and ‘How to’ videos are very important and useful tools for organisations and businesses to introduce new employees to their organisations and processes.

The Orientation Video

First Ladies was engaged by South West Healthcare (Warrnambool Base Hospital) to create an orientation video for new doctors starting in the Emergency Department. The Emergency Department is an incredibly busy place, so for the senior physicians, they didn’t have the availability of time to fully orientate new doctors with the department. They came up with the idea to create a short video that explains to new doctors where everything is and how the department works. The video was then uploaded onto the hospital’s website where new doctors could access it and familiarise themselves with the layout, how to do things and where to find things before beginning at the hospital. This freed up time more the senior physicians to get their jobs done and to spend more time with patients.

Warrnambool Base Hospital Emergency Department Orientation from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.

“We were very happy with the result. As an orientation video it clearly provides the necessary information that we had wanted to provide. The part of the service I appreciated the most was Colleen’s reliability. She turned up when she said she would, and had things completed in the time-frame she had agreed to. [She was] very easy to communicate and work with. In terms of producing the DVD, I really appreciated that she offered suitable suggestions while enabling us to keep our required content. I would not hesitate to use her services again or recommend them to anyone else.”

– Meg Cooney (Emergency Physician, Emergency Department, Warrnambool Base Hospital)


Artist Profile Videos

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Artist Profiles are a fantastic marketing tool for artists to promote who they are, what they do and how they do it. Artist Profile videos are widely used on artist websites and add another level of engagement at art exhibitions. Artist Profile videos allow potential customers and fans to see the art process and the inspiration and story behind artworks.

Artist Profile Video Examples

Warrnambool Artist David Higgins hired me to put together a video piece on how he creates his silk paintings for a Textile Exhibition in Tokyo. The intended audience for this video was the fashion industry in Japan but once created, it has had a much farther reach than that thanks to social media. Higgins sells his silks to create beautiful kimonos. He projected this video at a Textile Exhibition he had in Tokyo Dec 15th, 2013. His customers were able to see the work that he puts into creating his silks and trust what they were buying was made with care, flair, creativity and attention.
I filmed this project over a few weeks and used time lapse to capture the long process of creating one of David’s beautiful silks.

Dave HIGGINS: Silk Painter from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.

“The film was very successful and launched in Tokyo. The intended purpose has been achieved in that it says and shows many things in a very short time. I think its perfect for an introduction of myself and my work…I was very satisfied with Colleen’s attention to getting it right and the finished product exceeded my expectations. It was also an enjoyable experience to work with her. The service was great, on time every time and no wasting time. Colleen was able to work to a deadline for a specific client and still be creative too. I like the modern edge it had to the editing and the clever things she did like inserting photos of coast line. I think the best thing I liked is that that it looks professional, like it was made by someone who cares and thinks carefully about constructing a film.” – David Higgins (Artist)

Lady Poise (2005)- A 16 minute Documentary

WARNING: Offensive Language

Lady Poise from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.

A short documentary profiling Melbourne-based female graffiti artist ‘Poise’. Speaking candidly in her lounge-room, Poise discusses influences, inspirations, the scene, finding love and her dark side. Co Directed and Co Produced by Colleen Hughson and Mary Quinscara (2005)

A full day in the life of artist Alex Rees (2012) By Delise Oldfield/Colleen Hughson

This artist profile on Alex Rees was created for ABC Open’s Day in a Life Project. In my role of ABC Open Producer, I mentored Delise Oldfield in the filming and editing of this project.

Warrnambool local identity Alex Rees leads a very busy life. If he is not painting pictures at Artslink, then he is at singing class, drama class or playing ten pin with his friends…that’s of course, if he is not volunteering for Meals on Wheels.
He goes about his daily activities full of humour and he puts a smile on the dial of everyone he meets. Made with assistance from ABC Open

Silver Ball Film Screening

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What does ‘keeping the ball in the air” mean to you? This is the theme explored by Warrnambool filmmakers in 2014 for the inaugural Silver Ball Film Festival.

For those who are reading this and are not local to Warrnambool, the Silver Ball is an iconic large steel silver ball that stands 40 metres tall and can be seen on the Warrnambool skyline. It once operated as a water tower for the Fletcher Jones Factory. Want to know more? Here is a link to a great article written by Carol Altmann, from Bluestone Magazine about Fletcher Jone’s and the Silver Ball.

The film festival will feature Documentary, Narrative, Animation and Film Art films made by first-time filmmakers. Residents of Warrnambool had the opportunity to participate in free filmmaking workshops in Feb-March this year. These were organised by the F-Project Cinema, namely Dr Emma Charlton, who herself made a wonderful documentary about the F-Project called ‘A Story Beginning with F’.

A story beginning with F from Emma Charlton on Vimeo.

Who ever imagined at the beginning of the workshop series that we would end up with so many completed films? 23 in total! The timeline was very short so the amount of time the workshop presenters spent with the new filmmakers was very limited. However, we (I was one of the five workshop presenters) covered the basics and if you’re interested in learning about film-making too, you might like to click on the links below:

I delivered the documentary workshops to seven adults, four of which made films. I shall link to all the films once they are uploaded but for now you might enjoy watching these films by Chas Cleland, Julie Eagles and Cath Woodward, all of which will screen at the Silver Ball Film Festival.

Chas Cleland’s film on the Rotary House called ‘The House that Andrew (and friends) Built’. A film that honours the inspirational work and time that volunteer Andrew Suggett put into making the house happen. First time documentary filmmaker Chas, has done a truly professional job. He shot his film on a Digital SLR, connected a rhode mic to it and used natural lighting to film his interviews. The film is a fantastic achievement and an important film for the Warrnambool community too. We need to honour our volunteers and the people who work hard to make this town a better place for everyone.

Film by Chas Cleland (Documentary Workshop Participant)

Julie Eagles, who is part of the group ‘Friends of Fletcher Jone’s Ball and Gardens’, interviewed Kevin Fry for her documentary, ‘The Last Man in the Ball’. Kevin’s very entertaining and informative recollections of working inside the Silver Ball as a maintenance man when it operated as a water tower, makes for a very funny documentary. Julie is very pleased to have made her very first film and is keen to continue and make more films about the history of Fletcher Jones. I hope to stay on as her film mentor.

Cath Woodward created a ‘Making of’ documentary’ film about the animation ‘LegoBool’. The documentary included interviews with the animation makers (a mother and son team) and behind-the-scenes footage of the very cleverly crafted animation. The Legobool animation was created for the Silver Ball Film Festival too. Check out Cath’s cool title sequence. Cath has produced a very slick, fun and smoothly edited first short documentary.

The Making of Legobool from Cath Woodard on Vimeo.

Salt n’ Steel and F.J’s Garden

I too, hopped out of my comfort zone and had a go at making a Film Art type film not my usual genre at all! I only got along to one of the Film Art workshops delivered by Tom Walters and Nathan Pye but that was enough to spark some ideas for these two films. The main visual effects I played around with is blue screen and superimposition.

I took the theme “keeping the ball in the air” very literally and made two films about the Silver Ball. The first film, ‘Salt n’ Steel’ takes a look at the affect that the salt air has on the ball and the rust eating away at the silver ball, as told by past Fletcher Jones worker, Kevin Fry.

The second film ‘FJs Garden’ pays homage to the beautiful Fletcher Jones Gardens that once existed. Both films are to be projected in the lane-ways of Warrnambool for the Silver Ball Festival on May 9th, 2014.

Salt n’ Steel (The last man in the ball Re-Mix) from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.

FJ’s Garden from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.