Landscapes and Locals Window Installation

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This is a clip of the ‘Landscapes and Locals’ Window Installation in main street Peterborough which screened Jan 22nd- Jan 30th, 2015.

I was funded through the Moyne Shire Pitch Project Initiative to collaborate with the Peterborough community to create a nature-style film.  The resulting film titled ‘Landscapes and Locals’ captures the stunning beauty of the Peterborough area, from the striking cliff faces, the pounding southern waves to the smaller details such as rock-pool inhabitants.

The film was filmed by ten participants on numerous cameras including smartphones, iPads, GoPros, DSLRs and Drones over the course of a few months. The resulting 40 hours of footage was collected, sorted, selected and edited into a 15 minute film by myself. Filmers include Natasha Johnson, Alex Nesic, Christine Norton, Wendy Couch, Barry Pike, Cath Bell, Gary Boehm, Coralee Askew, Luke Foster and myself.

The Snapshots project concluded with a full-house community screening of ‘Landscapes and Locals’ as part of the Celebrate Peterborough: Fireworks and Film Event. The screening represented the end of a six month film project that involved film-making workshops and the community creating a film together. To read more and check out event photos, see facebook/PeterboroughSnapshots

During two weeks in January while all the holiday makers were in town, the ‘Landscapes and Locals’ film screened on loop in the window in Mac Street, Peterborough. People treated it like a drive-in and pulled up in their cars or on their bikes to watch it after dark.

Watch the full film here:

Landscapes and Locals from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.

‘Landscapes and Locals’ is a collaborative film that celebrates the life, landscape & local flora & fauna of Peterborough during winter. This project is a partnership between the Moyne Council, the Peterborough Residents Group and Filmmaker Colleen Hughson. Music by John Hudson and Matt Hewson.


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Gundij Mirring Logos

  • Aboriginal Community Health – South West Healthcare
  • Bethany
  • Warrnambool Base Hospital
  • Brophy Family and Youth Services
  • Warrnambool City Council
  • South West TAFE
  • Timboon P-12 School
  • WAVE Community School
  • Victorian Responsible Gambling Association
  • Southwest PCP
  • Glenelg Hopkins CMA
  • Gunditj Mirring
  • Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative
  • Moyne Shire
  • Bayside City Council Maternal Child Health
  • ABC News 24
  • South West Sports Assembly
  • Victorian State Department of Planning and Community Development
  • RMIT University
  • Architects Without Frontiers
  • Bayside Council
  • Dairy Australia

Client Video Projects


  • DELWP Koala Welfare Assessment Videos in Cape Otways. Filmed and edited for DELWP in September, 2015 and May 2016. Victorian Government vets and wildlife officers have returned to Cape Otway to carry out welfare actions to manage and protect the local koala population.


  • Legendairy: Peterborough Video The search for Australia’s ‘Legendairy’ capital. Peterborough was one of the finalists for the Legendairy Awards, part of Dairy Australia’s inaugural search for Australia’s LEGENDAIRY Capital which celebrates Australia’s vibrant regional communities. This video was created for the Legendairy Awards ceremony.




  • VACCHO ‘Work in Aboriginal Health in Victoria: GP Training’. GP Registrars who work in Aboriginal Health Training posts in Victoria share their experiences. GP Registrars from around the state from Lakes Entrance to Echuca, Bendigo to Heywood spoke of how working within the Aboriginal model of health has made a difference to them professionally and personally – while they have made a difference to the health of their Aboriginal patients.


  • SSAFE in the South West (Brophy Family & Youth Services in Warrnambool), The SSAFE project provides information, training, support and resources to students and staff at local schools to assist schools to be positive environments for GLBTIQ students.
  • Glenelg CMA Riverprize Awards Video (filmed) The Glenelg River Restoration Project won the Australian Riverprize in 2013. One year later it was a finalist in the International Riverprize. This video was prepared for the International Riverprize awards presentation.


  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for Kuyang Maar: Online Fishing with your Mob: a 20 min project on the importance of indigenous communities coming together celebrating culture (funded by Victorian Responsible Gambling Association, Southwest Healthcare, Bethany, Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative, Kirrae Health Service, Gamblers Helpline, Southwest PCP, Closing The Gap Program)


  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for Gunditj Mirring Partnership Project: a 14 min about the importance of the Indigenous Ecological Review (funded by Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Caring for our country, Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Cooperative)


  • Director, producer and editor for Port Fairy LivCom: a celebrating the people and the town of Port Fairy (funded by Moyne Shire)


  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for Healthy Active South West is a 15 min video project (funded by South West Healthcare)


  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for Playtime Buddies’ a 15 min video project on the benefits of a playgroup for disadvantaged families (funded by the Bayside City Council Maternal Child and Health and Being Active, Eating Well)


  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for Sports 4 All’ a 14 min video project on inclusive sports programs (The South West Sports Assembly and Victorian State Department of Planning and Community Development)


  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for Rural Women in a Changing Climate: BSW Case Study’ a 6 min video project presented at the 2009 Statewide Women and Climate Change Forum (Victorian State Department of Planning and Community Development: Women, Drought and Climate Change)


  • Digital Filmmaker for Port Fairy community film project ‘a little more conversation, a little less action’ an initiative of Port Fairy Film Society and Moyneyana House. In this short documentary, some of the elderly residents of Moyneyana House tell their life stories (funded by Regional Arts Victoria and Moyne Shire)


  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for ‘Building The Community: Hoi An, Vietnam a 16 min video on a group of Melbourne RMIT architecture students who travel to Vietnam to create the blueprints for transitional housing for disadvantaged youths (funded by RMIT & Architects Without Frontiers.)


  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for ‘SCOPE Young Ambassadors’ a 7 min video project on a program that educates primary school aged children about ‘seeing the person not the disability’ (A partnership between SCOPE, Bayside & Port Phillip MetroAccess.)


  • Digital Filmmaker & DVD Production for “Working Together towards building Inclusive Communities” DVD an initiative of Bayside City Council MetroAcess and the Department of Human Services Southern Metropolitan Region.


  • Freelance Digital Filmmaker for various video segments for CSIRO Publishing streamed on the CSIRO website, and broadcast on Totally Wild Channel Seven & ABC News


Simple Music Clips for an emerging artist

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Warrnambool’s Cooper Lower is a young and extremely talented musician who is just about to launch his first album at the tender age of 16. I am guessing he has some great mentors- whether this guidance is coming from his supportive teachers in his music VET course or elsewhere – he seems to be on the right track in promoting himself and his upcoming album launch. He is giving his potential fans a taster of his talents and his album by releasing a new music clip each week on Facebook leading up to the launch. It is a very clever publicity strategy we think because his clips have already got over 30,000 views in just a few short weeks and plenty of shares and comment too.

I helped out Cooper with filming and editing a few clips for him. The clips are very simple but that’s intentional; Cooper wanted the focus to be on his voice, lyrics and music, not on the visuals. We filmed all the clips in a very small recording studio, so small that it was difficult to fit the tripods in and the cameras were very up close and personal in order to fit Cooper in the frame. I set up three cameras, my old P2 Panasonic, a 7D Camera and a C100, the clips were made by just cutting between the three camera angles. The focus of the session was on the recording of Cooper’s music so the filming was a secondary thing. There wasn’t any room for creative filming because there was no space to move in the studio but I did get to play around with some filters in the editing process to give each clip a different look. Cooper did want all the clips in black n’ white but he was able to compromise and let me a little bit of fun…We didn’t spend too much time filming; there was only a retake if Cooper didn’t like his version of the song. Anyway, I’ll shut up now and just let you enjoy the music…and oh, if you like it, go buy his album