Small business videos a hit on Facebook

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Have you noticed how popular video posts have become on Facebook? Almost every second post now is video and there’s a reason for that; video is fun, entertaining and engaging (but I could be biased)

On average, video posts reach a larger audience than photo posts. According to a study by Social Bakers, the average video post generates 135% greater organic reach, when compared to photo posts.

Possibly, the big reason the popularity of video has increased exponentially, is that Facebook is pushing to be the go-to platform for video (to out compete youtube). And so, videos just get more reach, more shares and more views because Facebook wants them to.

Whatever the reason, we can agree that video is incredibly popular, and making a video and sharing it on facebook is a very smart way to promote your business or organization.

There are lots of different types of business videos out there and ways to tell your story without it seeming like you’re directly advertising your business. Below are three different examples:

  • An explanation video: How to make a good coffee
  • A business owner talks about her passion for hairdressing
  • A business function

In this video, Henry Bird from Rough Diamond Cafe explains what goes into making the perfect cup of coffee. This video was created to be shared by Rough Diamond Café and by Schulz Organic Farms on their website and social media platforms. A shorter Instagram version was also created.

Rough Diamond- Why is your coffee so dam good? from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.

Birds n’ Fellas

I created this short clip – entirely filmed and edited on an iPhone- for Arly Raymond’s Birds & Fellas. The footage was filmed both by her staff & me. It’s a great example of what can be created using mobile technology accessible to everyone.

Logan’s Beach Spa Retreat- Function night

In this video, Kristie Hayden has her one-year birthday celebration as the new owner of Logans Beach Spa Retreat – Warrnambool. She celebrated in style with champagne, music (John Hudson), facials and treats. She also launched the spa’s new line in skin products: Subtle Energies – Ayurveda Aromatherapy.

Do you want to learn how to create your own videos?

Learn the ‘basics’ of how smart technology can be used to record great quality video, audio and photos and edit and publish videos. Create video content using the technology at your finger-tips. First Ladies can run an informative workshops full of practical advice.
Learn how & what to capture when creating a short video/video testimonial, shooting tips, recording good audio and interviews, using natural lighting, editing on iMovie App on iPads and uploading videos to Facebook or Instagram. Click here to learn more about our workshops and training.

Click here if you wish to check out more examples of business videos.

Drone while you can!

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What is the future of the drone? As amateur photographers and filmmakers, will we still have access to this technology in 12 months time?

Oat’s 2014 Showreel from Oat Vaiyaboon on Vimeo.

Oat Vaiyaboon, Port Fairy Thai Chef, Photographer and local DRONE/UAV/UAS/MULTIROTORS specialist ran a workshop on aerial filmmaking for the Snapshots Project in Peterborough.

I invited him along to run this session because I love his work and because I would like to see aerial photography as part of Peterborough’s Collaborative community film.

Aerial Footage filmed at the Peterborough Snapshots film workshop

Oat showed us some beautiful examples of his work and demonstrated different shot types. The following information has been condensed from Oat’s very thorough, fun and informative workshop.


  • Vertical review shot
  • Wrap around shot
  • Boom up whole looking straight down (GPS mode)
  • Looking down and come in close
  • Dolly shot with foreground

A number of these shots are demonstrated in this showreel created by Oat for the Snapshots workshop:

2014 Q3 SHOWREEL + from Oat Vaiyaboon on Vimeo.

Although most of the workshop was fun and play, Oat also discussed some of the rules, regulations and issues that you may face when flying your drone.

Firstly, you should know that you cannot fly your drone to collect video footage for coin, unless you have your RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) Certificate. There is a whole list of rules and regulations about where and where you cannot fly your drone and some commonsense rules about flying your drone safely around people. I am going to provide you with some general information here but for more detailed, up-to-date and accurate information, you can find a list of rules and regulations here.

Fly-away Drone

What I found interesting in Oat’s workshop is how often and easily drones can just ‘fall out of the sky’ or how easily a pilot will lose control of the drone. Believe me, you don’t want to fly one of these babies above a crowd of people! The stories of drones crashing to the ground, came from both Oat himself and the bunch of aerial filming enthusiasts in the workshop.

According to Oat, most “Fly-Away” Errors are caused by operator error or lack of proper pre-flight check. So its a very good idea to:

  • Always check props, battery, voltage, transmitter charge, FPV connections, signal and compass calib.
  • Know your surrounding. Is it safe? Is it clear to fly? Are there people around? Can you get your craft back if it crashed.

Be patient!

Before you send your drone off flying into the abyss:

  • always wait for the GPS to lock in with all green light indicator, no green = no go
  • after take off, always hover in position for 30 sec, to fly straight after take off may confuse the GPS
  • if it doesn’t behave the way it should, land and recalibrate the compass

Another thing you need to watch out for with the drone is the battery. You really need to know how to (and how to not) handle the Lipo Battery because you could end up with an explosion on your hands!


  • Always charge with approved charger design for your battery pack
  • Never discharged your LiPo fully – safest above 20% •    Always store and transport your packs in a LiPo safe
  • bag
  • Always charge your LiPo in LiPo bag, in a ventilated, nonflammable surface/environment
  • Never leave your LiPo in hot car
  • Don’t let your LiPo punctured or damaged
  • Always discharge your LiPo to 30% when traveling
  • Always discharge your LiPo to 50% when storing
  • If LiPo swell, DO NOT USE or CHARGE!
  • Never use water to put out LiPo fire

Once you get safety under raps you can enjoy the beautiful imagery and adrenalin-inducing joy of UAV aerial filming.

UAV Workshop

UAV Workshop

Here are some photos of the fun-filled workshop.


Thanks to Oat for sharing your skills and knowledge with us and for the beautiful examples of aerial photography.

Here is some further reading:

Model Aeronautical Association of Australia (MAAA)

 Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Training & Solutions



Free film-making workshops in Peterborough

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So, if you’re keen to learn a thing or two about film-making, you might be interested in getting involved in the Snapshots Collaborative Film Project. The project is taking place right now in Peterborough. Part of the project is teaching you the skills to use your camera device (smartphone/iPad/DSLR/GoPro/UAV) like a Pro so that you can go out and capture some beautiful imagery of Peterborough and share it in a collaborative community film. Want to know more? Read it here.


The next lot of workshops are coming up in September. But you don’t need to come along to a workshop to be involved, you can film independently if you like and then contact me with your footage so that I edit it into the Snapshots Film.

Here is the timeline for the project:

  • July- Oct: Free film workshops and independent filming
  • November: Collecting all the footage via USB and online file sharing
  • December: Music Composition and Editing
  • January: Film Presentation Screening
Snapshots Poster: Workshop Series 2

Snapshots Poster: Workshop Series 2