Artist Profiles are a fantastic marketing tool for artists to promote who they are, what they do and how they do it. Artist Profile videos are widely used on artist websites and add another level of engagement at art exhibitions. Artist Profile videos allow potential customers and fans to see the art process and the inspiration and story behind artworks.

Artist Profile Video Examples

Warrnambool Artist David Higgins hired me to put together a video piece on how he creates his silk paintings for a Textile Exhibition in Tokyo. The intended audience for this video was the fashion industry in Japan but once created, it has had a much farther reach than that thanks to social media. Higgins sells his silks to create beautiful kimonos. He projected this video at a Textile Exhibition he had in Tokyo Dec 15th, 2013. His customers were able to see the work that he puts into creating his silks and trust what they were buying was made with care, flair, creativity and attention.
I filmed this project over a few weeks and used time lapse to capture the long process of creating one of David’s beautiful silks.

Dave HIGGINS: Silk Painter from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.

“The film was very successful and launched in Tokyo. The intended purpose has been achieved in that it says and shows many things in a very short time. I think its perfect for an introduction of myself and my work…I was very satisfied with Colleen’s attention to getting it right and the finished product exceeded my expectations. It was also an enjoyable experience to work with her. The service was great, on time every time and no wasting time. Colleen was able to work to a deadline for a specific client and still be creative too. I like the modern edge it had to the editing and the clever things she did like inserting photos of coast line. I think the best thing I liked is that that it looks professional, like it was made by someone who cares and thinks carefully about constructing a film.” – David Higgins (Artist)

Lady Poise (2005)- A 16 minute Documentary

WARNING: Offensive Language

Lady Poise from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.

A short documentary profiling Melbourne-based female graffiti artist ‘Poise’. Speaking candidly in her lounge-room, Poise discusses influences, inspirations, the scene, finding love and her dark side. Co Directed and Co Produced by Colleen Hughson and Mary Quinscara (2005)

A full day in the life of artist Alex Rees (2012) By Delise Oldfield/Colleen Hughson

This artist profile on Alex Rees was created for ABC Open’s Day in a Life Project. In my role of ABC Open Producer, I mentored Delise Oldfield in the filming and editing of this project.

Warrnambool local identity Alex Rees leads a very busy life. If he is not painting pictures at Artslink, then he is at singing class, drama class or playing ten pin with his friends…that’s of course, if he is not volunteering for Meals on Wheels.
He goes about his daily activities full of humour and he puts a smile on the dial of everyone he meets. Made with assistance from ABC Open