Business Testimonial Videos

What is a Video Testimonial?

A Video Testimonial is a short interview with one of your satisfied customers or clients, where they provide positive feedback about you. They say in their own words how and why your product or service has benefited them. Real people (not salespeople) share their honest opinion on why they think your business is great.

Video Testimonials work because they are credible and trustworthy.

Do you often get told by your customers that they love your service and your business? Well, its about time you harnessed all that positivism and created some real-customer, honest reviews of your business.

Sure, you could get an advertising agency to create some fancy campaign with a highly developed script. But, it is so much more authentic when you use real people with their own way of expressing themselves vouching for you and your business.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are one of the strongest forms of promotion for your business. Most people will do their own research on your business and tend to trust the word of another customer than some salesy advertisement. So, do yourself a favour and capture some of the feedback from your customers about your great service.

Here are some videos that were created for the K9000 Dog Wash. They show just how end-users feel about the K9000 Dog Wash and demonstrate the level of engagement customers have with the product.