Music Clips

Do you have a creative vision for your next music clip?

If you are musician you need an online presence. Your fans will expect to see photos and video of you performing. Creating a music clip shouldn’t cost you the earth. In fact, making a creative music clip is now cheaper and more accessible than ever. First Ladies Productions would love the opportunity to work with you to make your next music clip.

In Deep Water from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.

The ‘In Deep Water’ Music Clip (2015) was created with hip hop artist Jacob Pugh and musician Cooper Lowe. Created for the Blarney Book’s Biblio Art Prize in Port Fairy. The concept is to create an artwork inspired by a book selected from a wheel burrow of books at Blarney Books & Art Gallery. The selected book is named “the ABC of Public Speaking”. Jacob Pugh come across a section in the book “in deep water”- basically about being on stage and freaking out and he wrote a rap about it. In the clip, Colleen wanted to represent the fear of public speaking, as well as the art of emceeing; flow, confidence and the stream of consciousness.

Below is a sample of music clips that Colleen has produced.

  • Let’s Swing performed by Tukan Sam (1998). Filmed on digital tape.
  • Skinny White Boy performed by Jimi Hocking (2005). Filmed on Super-8 and digital tape
  • Microphone Murderer by KRC (2011) produced as part of  ABC Open’s WxSW project. Shot on a 7D DSLR
  • We’re On Our Way by Buddha in a Chocolate Box (2011) produced as part of  ABC Open’s WxSW project. Shot on P2 HD Camera


While working as an ABC Open Producer, Colleen, together with Ballarat ABC Open Producer, Marc Eidon, initiated and successfully ran a popular project called WxSW. The project teamed up filmmakers with local bands to produce a series of music clips that were broadcast on RAGE. They had Triple J Unearthed on board as a project partner. To read WxSW blogs, check out photos and to watch all the behind-the-scenes videos, click here.