Video Workshops and Training

Are you keen to learn how to make your own films, web content and video productions?

First Ladies Productions provide workshops for beginner filmmakers using accessible technology; smartphones, iPads and action cameras. Workshops are open to all organisations, community groups and individuals.


The focus of this digital filmmaking workshop is on how to use smart technology to document events and projects and make engaging short videos for an online audience. Learn the ‘basics’ of how smart technology can be used to record great quality video, audio and photos and edit and publish videos. This workshop will help participants understand the limitations of the technology, and construct and create a ‘simple’ video story.

About our workshops:

This 12-hour work workshop is broken up over two days. Workshop one (6hrs) focuses on camera techniques, while workshop two (6hrs) focuses on video editing and online publishing. A two-week break between the workshops allows participants to practice what they have learnt, and film something relevant and ‘real world’ to use in the second workshop, where they will edit what they have shot.

What to expect:

  • Intimate group training – no more than 8 attendees, often only 5 and 6 so plenty of love and attention coming your way!
  • Create video content using the technology at your finger-tips.
  • An informative workshop full of practical advice from someone who knows what they are talking about
  • Apply what you learn, as you learn, so you leave having actually achieved something
  • Note: Participants need to provide their own smartphone or tablet device (The workshops are primarily based on iPhone/IPad technology but if I am sent through details about other android phones/tablets then I can accommodate them.)

What the workshops will cover:

Workshop 1:
1. How & what to document when creating a short video about a project or an event
2. Writing a Project Brief/Planning your film
3. Shooting tips: Camera Shot, Camera Movement & Camera Angles
4. Recording good audio
5. How to record an interview
6. Lighting
7. And if time, How to create a Time Lapse

Workshop 2:
1. Editing styles, tips and techniques
2. Editing on IMovie App on iPads
3. Loading footage onto iPads from Iphones etc
4. Music and Copyright
5. Uploading to vimeo or youtube
6. Tagging videos/ writing descriptions etc


Please call or email us to discuss your training needs.

1300 724 330