Everyone loves the Silver Ball

June 22, 2017 // Colleen Hughson // No Comments // Posted in Blog, Community

It is hard to imagine Warrnambool without the FJ’s Silver Ball on the skyline, but just a few years ago its future was in jeopardy.

Keeping the Ball in the air from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.

Full of rust and a public safety concern, the ball was going to be taken down unless someone took responsibility for looking after it.

Back in 2014 when Tonia Wilcox started up the Save the Fletcher Jones Silver Ball & Gardens Facebook page, she had no way to knowing what a following and impact the page would have.

It was through this Facebook page that the Fletcher Jones Silver Ball & factory was bought and spared from a demolishment by neglect. It was also through this Facebook page that an outpouring of public love for the Silver Ball was expressed, along with stories of the FJ’s factory in its heyday.

Those stories, videos and photos shared on the Facebook page inspired the FJ’s community stories project and the development of a website to host those stories. It also inspired the creation of this 30 min documentary titled ‘Keeping the Ball in the air.’

In a world where social media gets so much bad press, the FJs campaign story is a great example of how social media can work effectively; how it can create social change and how it can connect people and create community.

There are plenty of people owed thanks to the telling of this story. As the filmmaker, I’d like to acknowledge that the film was made with crowd-sourced media. I’d like to thank all the people who made this film possible through contributing their photos, videos, newspaper clippings, artwork images and documentary memorabilia.

Timboon’s TRACTA Project

July 19, 2016 // Colleen Hughson // No Comments // Posted in Blog, Community Projects

In 2015, I went along to a TAP Day at Timboon P-12 to create a video story on Ben Galia for ABC Heywire. Ben is a Heywire Winner and a passionate advocate for the farming and agriculture industries. At the Heywire Regional Youth Summit in Canberra, Ben and a group of young people came up with the idea of ‘TRACTA’; a program to help spread the word to young people all over Australia about the exciting and rewarding job opportunities working in the agricultural industry.

TRACTA Launch at Timboon P-12 School (ABC Heywire) from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.

In 2014, Timboon P-12 School put in an application to Heywire (ABC) to adopt the TRACTA concept. Their application was successful and plans were in place to create a series of short films profiling the diverse jobs in agriculture in the Timboon and District area.

It was at this TAP Day that I had a chat with Assistant Principal Sean Fitzgerald about how the school were planning to create the short films and I offered my guidance. So in 2015 I began working with Year 7 and 8 Timboon P-12 Students mentoring them on how to create short documentaries. They used their iPads to film and record interviews, and iMovie to edit their films. Sean also had a GoPro that the students used to capture imagery for their projects.

We visited farms and farming businesses and created 5 films on 5 different agricultural businesses. These films highlight how people have developed their businesses, what they enjoy about running their own businesses and how they plan to continue to grow their businesses. Once again, I am amazed that you can create a video story using an iPad. I think the films turned out pretty awesome which is a credit to the dedication of the Timboon students and the TRACTA program.

TRACTA stands for – Try Regional Australian Careers Try Agriculture

These films were created as part of TRACTA, through a FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grant.

Landscapes and Locals

May 15, 2015 // Colleen Hughson // No Comments // Posted in Blog, Community, Community Projects

‘Landscapes and Locals’ is the collaborative film that was created through the Peterborough Snapshots Project. The nature-style film captures the stunning beauty of the Peterborough area, from the striking cliff faces, the pounding southern waves to the smaller details such as rock-pool habitants.

‘Landscapes and Locals’ was independently filmed by ten participants on numerous cameras including smartphones, iPads, GoPros, DSLRs and Drones over the course of a few months. The resulting 40 hours of footage was collected, sorted, selected and edited into a 15 minute film by Colleen Hughson.

Contributors to the film include Natasha Johnson, Alex Nesic, Christine Norton, Wendy Couch, Barry Pike, Cath Bell, Gary Boehm, Coralee Askew, Luke Foster and Colleen Hughson.

Synematic (John Hudson and Mat Hewson) composed an original musical score for the film. The duo performed the score live at the official screening of the film in Peterborough on the Australia Day weekend (2015).

Colleen would like to thanks the Moyne Shire, the Peterborough Residents Group and the Peterborough Golf Club for the generous support of this project.

 This project is supported by the Moyne Shire through the Pitch Project initiative.