Landscapes and Locals

May 15, 2015 // Colleen Hughson // No Comments // Posted in Blog, Community, Community Projects

‘Landscapes and Locals’ is the collaborative film that was created through the Peterborough Snapshots Project. The nature-style film captures the stunning beauty of the Peterborough area, from the striking cliff faces, the pounding southern waves to the smaller details such as rock-pool habitants.

‘Landscapes and Locals’ was independently filmed by ten participants on numerous cameras including smartphones, iPads, GoPros, DSLRs and Drones over the course of a few months. The resulting 40 hours of footage was collected, sorted, selected and edited into a 15 minute film by Colleen Hughson.

Contributors to the film include Natasha Johnson, Alex Nesic, Christine Norton, Wendy Couch, Barry Pike, Cath Bell, Gary Boehm, Coralee Askew, Luke Foster and Colleen Hughson.

Synematic (John Hudson and Mat Hewson) composed an original musical score for the film. The duo performed the score live at the official screening of the film in Peterborough on the Australia Day weekend (2015).

Colleen would like to thanks the Moyne Shire, the Peterborough Residents Group and the Peterborough Golf Club for the generous support of this project.

 This project is supported by the Moyne Shire through the Pitch Project initiative.


Peterborough Snapshots Project

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Inspired by the film Baraka, I am embarking on a nature documentary and taking the town of Peterborough along for the ride. The wild ocean, winter surf, storms, rain, underwater wonderland, shipwrecks, local flora and fauna, will be all captured and celebrated on film.

Peterborough's Snapshots film project

Peterborough’s Snapshots film project

‘Snapshots’ is the name of the film project that will involve the small and beautiful community of Peterborough, Victoria, creating a collaborative film project. I have teamed up with the Peterborough Residents Group to invite the people of Peterborough to get involved in filming their local environment in all its winter splendor.

We want to harness the skills, abilities and creativity of the local community to create a beautiful film. To get involved all you need in some kind of video camera device; iPhone, iPad, smartphone, GoPro, Action Camera, DSLR, Drone, and a willingness to go out in the winter cold and capture what you see as beautiful, wild and wonderful. Film footage will be collected from participants in November and edited into a short nature documentary style film. A music score will be created and produced by local Warrnambool musicians John Hudson and Matt Hewson to accompany the film. The film will be screened at the Peterborough Music Festival in January, 2015.

I will be running a number of free filmmaking workshops in Peterborough to inspire and skill people up in the art of filmmaking. We hope that people of all ages and interest groups will get involved.

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Workshop Dates:

  1. Saturday, August 2nd: Introduction to the project and how to film like a pro on your smartphone or tablet
  2. Saturday, August 9th: Camera techniques and DSLR filmmaking
  3. Saturday, August 16th: Drone and Aerial filmmaking

All workshops are held at the Peterborough Golf Club.

Time: 10.30am-3.30pm

Please supply your own lunch and water bottle. Light Refreshments, tea and coffee will be provided.

Bring your camera (fully charged battery), cords, camera manual (if you have it) and laptop (if you have one)

Please RSVP or send a FB msg with your name and contact details (phone/email)

This project is supported by the Moyne Shire through the Pitch Project initiative.

Free filmmaking workshops for the month of August in Peterborough

Free filmmaking workshops for the month of August in Peterborough