Business Story Videos

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In 2014, I was engaged by Tru-Blu Dog Wash to create a promotional video about their most successful coin operated dog-wash ‘The K9000’. This video is to be used at overseas Pet Trade Shows and on their Tru-Blu website, so that potential customers can be introduced to the business, the product and the story behind the business.

It was important to the Tru-Blu business owners that customers knew that the business was Australian made, owned and operated and that the idea for a coin operated dog-wash was developed in Hobart, Australia. It was also important that customers knew who they were dealing with and that were dealing with a business and brand that could be trusted.

The business story of the K9000 Coin Operated Dogwash from First Ladies – Colleen Hughson on Vimeo.

This video was shown at the Interzoo Trade Show in Germany in June 2014.

This video was edited into a series of shorter videos to develop further content for the K9000 Dog Wash website and social media channels.

Here are some more examples of types of videos that you could create for your business:

  • How-to video
  • Video interview
  • Product highlight video
  • Facebook Video






Demonstration Videos

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This video was created for the K9000 Dog Wash to demonstrate to customers how to use the dog wash. The video has been watched and used widely and is embedded on the K9000 Dog Wash websites and social media channels.

K9000 Dog Wash Demonstration from K9000 Dog Wash on Vimeo.

The ‘How to’ or Explainer Video

This video was created for the project ‘Whatdayaknow?‘ while employed as an ABC Open Producer. This video clearly shows the step-by-step process of creating a fanzine. The same video format and structure can be used to explain and train people on how to do many procedures and activities.

Whadyaknow? zines from ABC Open South West Victoria on Vimeo.

Artist Gareth Colliton shares his long-held passion for zines and comics.
In this whadyaknow?, Gareth takes us through the art of creating a ‘zine using the Intaglio printing method and a type writer.For those of you new to the term ‘zine, a ‘zine is a type of magazine but without the gloss and glamour. ‘Zine is short for fanzine. ‘Zines are often hand-made, inexpensively produced, self-published, underground publications.

Filmed and Edited by Colleen Hughson, ABC Open Producer, South West Victoria

Created as part of ABC Open’s whadyaknow? project

Simple Music Clips for an emerging artist

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Warrnambool’s Cooper Lower is a young and extremely talented musician who is just about to launch his first album at the tender age of 16. I am guessing he has some great mentors- whether this guidance is coming from his supportive teachers in his music VET course or elsewhere – he seems to be on the right track in promoting himself and his upcoming album launch. He is giving his potential fans a taster of his talents and his album by releasing a new music clip each week on Facebook leading up to the launch. It is a very clever publicity strategy we think because his clips have already got over 30,000 views in just a few short weeks and plenty of shares and comment too.

I helped out Cooper with filming and editing a few clips for him. The clips are very simple but that’s intentional; Cooper wanted the focus to be on his voice, lyrics and music, not on the visuals. We filmed all the clips in a very small recording studio, so small that it was difficult to fit the tripods in and the cameras were very up close and personal in order to fit Cooper in the frame. I set up three cameras, my old P2 Panasonic, a 7D Camera and a C100, the clips were made by just cutting between the three camera angles. The focus of the session was on the recording of Cooper’s music so the filming was a secondary thing. There wasn’t any room for creative filming because there was no space to move in the studio but I did get to play around with some filters in the editing process to give each clip a different look. Cooper did want all the clips in black n’ white but he was able to compromise and let me a little bit of fun…We didn’t spend too much time filming; there was only a retake if Cooper didn’t like his version of the song. Anyway, I’ll shut up now and just let you enjoy the music…and oh, if you like it, go buy his album