Bullying is a Reality

Bullying is a reality from ABC Open South West Victoria on Vimeo.

‘Bullying is a Reality‘ is a series of interviews that explores what it is like for young people who experience bullying.

Bullying is a Reality was created by SWTAFE VCAL Foundation Group students in collaboration with Colleen Hughson in her role as ABC Open Producer south west Victoria.

The project was filmed in the SWTAFE Multimedia Studio.

Film and sound recording: Hamish Barker, Tobias Barker and Andrew Geary
Edited by: Danielle Tickner, Andrew Geary and Scott McMillan
Senior Editor and Producer: Colleen Hughson

Created with assistance from SWTAFE VCAL teachers Sharna Westley and Niall Shiells

Thanks to headspace south west Victoria headspace.org.au